Getting Your Piece Of The Pie: QDRO's And You

Many spouses elect to stay home and care for the children of the marriage, and child-rearing is a noble and important undertaking. Unfortunately, when it comes time to divorce you could be at a disadvantage if you gave up educational and career opportunities to be a stay-at-home mom or dad. The good news is that you may have the chance to play catch-up when it comes to your retirement planning by using a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). [Read More]

Tips For Helping You Choose A Guardian For Your Elderly Parent

Caring for an elderly parent can be tough, especially when you do not have siblings or other family members to help you. You may not have the insurance coverage or money to hire a nursing professional or aid to sit with your mom or dad while you travel on business or just go for vacation to get a break for a while. In circumstances like this, you might consider appointing a temporary guardian for your parent while you are away. [Read More]

How To Establish Social Media Ground Rules During A Divorce

It's no secret that divorce is difficult on everyone involved in the heartbreaking situation, but taking to social media to air your dirty laundry doesn't help anyone. In fact, making angry rants about an ex on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages can even come back to haunt you in court, and it can hurt children who may read it sooner or later. Reading bad things that your ex says can be even worse. [Read More]

Divorcing With Pets? Answers To Your Questions

Splitting up from a spouse can be difficult, even if there aren't any children involved. This is especially true if you have a pet together. Unlike children, pets are considered property during a divorce so there is no guarantee that you will be able to see your animal family again after a divorce is finalized. The following guide can help you navigate some of the difficult questions when it comes to pets and divorce. [Read More]